Sunday, September 1, 2013

Penny for my thoughts.

this blog post will include lot's of questions, theories, and opinions. It is not intended, in any way, to cause problems/offense to anyone whatsoever.

Growing up isn't something that you can avoid, put off, and pretend isn't real.
I've known this and accepted it ever since I can remember; and ever since I can remember, I've been told that it sucks. The real world is harsh and reality sucks. 
I've always wondered why adults are so bitter about growing up? Ever since I was about.. 12, I've been looking forward to growing up. To paying my own bills, having my own car, my own place. I can specifically remember about five or six years ago, one summer night out on our back deck, telling my parents that I wanted to move out as soon as I turned 18. I remember them laughing and telling me to just wait and see where I would be by then. And they were right to laugh, respectfully so. The day I turned 18, I was car-less, job-less, and pretty much anything-less. 
But now, getting to my point.. I'm still 18, graduated from high school, have my own car, have a decent job, and am paying some bills. Am I bitter yet, about the "real" world? No. Do I believe that "reality sucks?" Nope. 
I've been pondering A LOT lately, about just when exactly growing up makes people so bitter? I know that I am nowhere near being "grown up," I know that I still have A LOT to learn about the real world. But I know not everyone goes through the same experiences, or has to learn the same life lessons. Not everyone will go through financial crisis, and not everyone will become "rich." Not everyone only has loss, and not everyone only has gain. So why does it seem like everyone is so bitter about adulthood?
The one thing that I've thought about most though, and have the most questions about, is WHY OH WHY do these "grown-ups" and adults, that have been dealing with "the sucky real world" for so long, are always so negative in regards to those who are attempting to make the transition from childhood to adulthood.
Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive, or maybe I'm just missing something big.
I've noticed a trend though, of the way the "real world pros" have been treating me since I've decided to bridge the gap.. make the leap.. take the plunge.. (whatever you want to call it), and move out on my own.
 I've been told, 
1) I'm not ready. 
2) I'm in for a rude awakening.
3) I won't be able to do it.
4) I'm not financially stable
5) I won't be receiving any help (real world is harsh)
etc, etc, etc.

And maybe all of those things are true. But how will I ever know if I can or can't do something, if I never try? 
The point that I'm really trying to make here, is why does this have to be such a negative thing? Has our society really hit such a low point, that we can't even encourage our peers, children, siblings, parents, co-workers, etc. to follow their dreams, or to accomplish their aspirations? I don't know about anyone else, but I'm honestly so sick and tired of the negativity that constantly surrounds me. I sometimes feel like it just follows me around, biting and eating away at me, when I'm trying to do my best and ignore it. I sometimes feel like I can't even express my thoughts and feelings without being shot down.
I'm proud to say at least, that I have taken ALL of these opinions and thoughts in, and am trying my hardest to learn from them. I'm doing my best to let them teach me exactly what I DON'T want to be. I'm honestly trying my hardest to not let the real world turn me cold and bitter, but to let it teach me life's lessons as they come, and better myself from them. And I can make this promise; that if anyone.. my kids, my parents, my siblings, my friends, my family, my co-workers.. literally anyone, were to come to me with their goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations, I'm sure going to do my best to encourage them, help them, and give them nothing but positive feedback, even if it does entail trying to "prepare them for real life." Because that's the thing that I've been wanting, hoping and praying for ever since I've started to take my stepping stones to adulthood. 
I refuse to let life make me bitter and negative, when there is already so much of it out there. 
And so this is why this post is titled "Penny for my thoughts." If anyone else would like to leave their thoughts, feel free to leave me a comment. 

"Warm regards."



  1. Letting go is seriously one of the most painfull experiences as a parent. Knowing that our child(ren) will have to learn many of life lessons the hard way is hard for us to swallow. But life without pain is life without joy ~ May the force be with you and just smile thru it all.

  2. Wise words :) and good insight! Thanks Shar!