Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just some more pictures!

Working full-time means that I've FINALLY got some money.. what have I been doing with it, you ask?
I bought my first car all on my own! A 1998 Nissan Maxima :) It's not perfect, or brand new by any means. But it runs, has AC, a radio and goes forward and backward. All that I need!

I've also spoiled myself a little bit! What's the fun in working if you don't get to spend any on yourself? Haha. But now I'm back down to planet earth and the spoiling is now done :( It was fun while it lasted!
I don't think I've mentioned this, but Bryson landed a job with Ogden City! I took this right before he went in for his first interview... hired on the spot :) *sniff sniff* haha
I also got him to go try the new In-N-Out that opened up in Riverdale a couple weeks ago! He's sooo antisocial (no wonder him and my dad get along so well), so we didn't stay long.. it was PACKED. But, amazing food! My favorite fast food place :)
A couple weekend's ago, we got to go up to Bear Lake and stay in Bryson's family cabin with his aunt and uncle. Talk about an amazing view.. and a terrible sunburn! The beach kicked my butt, but it was awesome :) Next weekend we'll be heading up to Jackson Hole with my family for one of Hayden's soccer tournaments.. I'm stoked!
Speaking of soccer...
We've spent LOTS of time driving, watching and cheering my sisters on with their soccer. I feel like a crazy soccer mom already! Haha. And I'm really thankful that I've got someone so family oriented and willing to go watch even though he hates soccer ;) 
And last but not least..
Bryson surprised me with my favorite flowers on Sunday. It was our "11 month anniversary" haha. 

I'm really glad that I can say I've grown up A LOT in the last year or so. I've come to appreciate the little things SO much more than I used to. My wants and goals have become so much more realistic, and I feel like I'm not so immature anymore. I'm just thankful to have Bryson and I'm thankful that he likes me enough to keep me around. Haha. And honestly, that's all I could ever want. Anything else is just an added bonus!

Until next time :)

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