Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Play Catch Up!

I'm literally the worst person at blogging, I admit it. I sometimes ask myself why I even bother to keep the blog? But then I remember that I hate scrap booking, but love looking back on memories, so I guess this is the best way to keep track of everything! So now we begin...

Since the last time I posted, we've had a couple huge events happen...

We closed on our house! I've LOVED being able to decorate my very own space!!
The night before we moved into the house, we welcomed a new, furry member to our family!
Little miss Sunni was born August 22nd, 2014. Her, Bane, AND the kitty are besties!

In November we (mostly I) had a scare, and we almost had to say goodbye to Bane! After days of testing on a very sick boy, the vet discovered that the little brat had picked up a virus from some bad meat, poop, or somewhere else. About $400 later, and we're finally getting back to having a healthy boy!

And now... to the fun stuff! We are FOUR months away from getting married!! (Save the date, June 13th, 2015) Hardcore wedding planning has commenced and as stressful as it is, it sure is fun!
I am seriously IN LOVE with my dress. It fits like a glove!
We'll be getting married and having the reception at the Holmgren Historical Farm up in Tremonton, UT. This is the inside of the barn, where the reception will be held. The property also features beautiful gardens and a stage for the ceremony. I am SO excited.
My bridesmaids (Tay, Hayden, Bronte, and Blake) will be wearing these super cute dresses!

I've also got other things planned and picked out (such as our cake... which will be made from cheesecake!), but no pictures yet. I'll do my best to keep my blog updated!

Until next time ♥♥♥♥♥