Sunday, October 20, 2013

October has always been the best month!

I feel like I've been somewhat slacking on my blog posts, but then again I haven't had a whole lot going on lately.... so yeah. Haha
We took a trip to Jackson Hole to watch Hayden play in a soccer tournament during the tail end of September. We ended up staying in a house jam packed with 12 year old girls. Would I do it again? Probably not. It'll make for some fun memories though I guess! 
This cutie pie and me just celebrated our one year anniversary on the 15th. I honestly can't believe how fast a year has flown by, and every day I thank God for bringing Bryson into my life. He's shown and taught me how to be a better person and I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect. ♥ I hope and pray that we'll see another year together, and many more after that! He's honestly all I could ever ask for in someone.

On another note!
 I've gone from having hair this length...
To my new hair. :) I think this is honestly the first time in my life, that I've felt like I have "pretty" hair. After I permed my hair a couple months ago, my hair died and started falling out and had the worst breakage I've EVER had. (I have super fragile hair and I curse my parents every day for the terrible hair genes I got). Haha. But needless to say, my hair was one fried, broken, choppy mess. There were times when I honestly wanted to cry over the crappy decision I made to perm it. I mean, what girl enjoys not having ugly hair? 
But I'm glad that I finally got it fixed, and totally feel like a new woman :)

and last but not least...
We'll be taking it back to the wild wild west for Halloween this year! And not only will I be an Indian, but Hayden and Tay will be joining me. And of course, Slade will be a cowboy with Bryson. Stay tuned for pictures :)

Until then, Happy Halloween!

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