Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wrapping up Summer 2013!

Not much to say, just pictures worth a thousand words!

Pioneer Days rodeo :)
Costa Vida then mini golf date night!
Waking up to texts telling me to look outside my window..
I try so hard not to get all sappy on my blog.. Like really, who wants to read that? But I just gotta say this: Bryson is honestly the guy of my dreams. I know I'm his princess and he's definitely my prince charming :)
I got the privilege to go on the Church family vacation on the Greys River! They are definitely A LOT different than my family, but they are so much fun and I love them like they're already my own :) We spent the weekend doing LOTS of fishing.. riding.. eating good food.. and more fishing! I'm already looking forward to next years vacation!
A sick day at work turned into a semi date night for us two. AMC theater in Layton is in the process of installing leather recliners into ALL of their rooms. Can I just say.. it was better than watching at home :)
I was working the drive at work the other day (being a good little teller at WSCU), and B decided to send me this and a cute little note through one of the tubes! Right back to what I was saying about him treating me like gold :) I'm really lucky.
And last but not least.. Slade's birthday was on August 5th, and ironically enough. Tay and Bryson both have birthday's on the 7th! So after buying my siblings presents and giving them to them, me and B headed down to "The Roof" restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  I was so worried about taking him down there, because he isn't Mormon and I didn't want him to feel like I was trying to press anything on him, especially on his birthday. BUT, he was so excited and I think he really loved it! Watching how excited and happy he was while we were eating, honestly made me super happy.
Happy 18th birthday to my sweet boy :)

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