Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big Girl Life.

Ever since graduation, I've been SO stressed out about finding a job. I have literally no money to pay for school, and I'm in desperate need of a car.. I literally submitted at least 100 applications, had numerous interviews and was honestly feeling like I couldn't catch some luck to save my life. But, after two stressful months, I can FINALLY say that I've landed myself a job :) A real job, too. A big girl job! I can proudly say that I am Weber State Credit Union's newest, full-time Teller. Hopefully things will start looking up for this "big girl."
In other news, enjoy some pictures. Because Lord knows I won't have anymore, now that I'll be working my life away ;)
We've gone on a couple bike ride adventures.
Toasting smores :)
We took CJ (Bryson's little brother) to Lagoon!
Cute sisters :)
Date night to a Raptor's double header.
Various adventures at Classic Waterslides :) (I kicked his gauge out of his ear this particular outing) Haha
Total Mayhem fights at Raptor's Stadium!
Pineview some more!
We got in touch with our creative side for the fourth! (who am I kidding, Bryson doesn't need to get in touch)
End result :) Fireworks up in Eden!
Fourth of July :)
Pretty princesses!
I came across these baby pictures of me the other day, and just had to sit and stare for a minute. It's crazy to me, that I was once that little, and that someday, in the near future, I'm going to have babies of my own, that could even possibly look like this!
Night fishing in Willard :)
Only catch of the night!
And last but not least.. free slurpee day on 7/11 :)

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