Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'

You could definitely say that my summer has been treating me well! My only complaint was the fact that we didn't go on a senior trip.. but I'm over that now, and onto making summer the best I can. :) Enjoy some pictures..
This actually happened right before graduation.. I got kicked SO hard in our last comp soccer game, I seriously thought it broke my leg. By far the coolest bruise I've ever had.. It's finally almost gone, a month later!
Slade's also started baseball and me and Bryson have made it to a couple of his games! He's definitely A LOT more advanced than he should be for his age.. He's been tearing it up :)
One day I got a random notion to perm my hair, so this cutie helped me..
End result. Not too shabby :)
We've also made it out to North Shore for a swim, as well as the lake a couple times!
A little while ago, I went up to Park City to watch Tay's soccer tournament. I had to leave this cutie for TWO WHOLE DAYS. Okay, really I'm not that dramatic.. But it was the longest we've gone without seeing each other since we started talking back in September. Plus we weren't getting along the WHOLE trip.. It was rough. But I'm glad to be home now :)
Watching and cheering my sister's on, instead of being the one being cheered on, has definitely been a change for me. There were times during Taylor's tournament that I wanted to run out on the field and strangle her. But there were also times that I was the proudest big sister in the whole world. I guess I'm kind of getting a glimpse of what raising my own kids in the distant future is going to be like.. And honestly, I'm excited. :)
B also took me out on a cute date, ending up at the drive inn! 
I honestly am so lucky to have this boy. I haven't dated very many people, but I've never fought and disagreed with someone so much. But I've also never had someone who made all of the quarreling worth it. He drives me crazy in a bad way, and he drives me crazy in a good way. He's taught me SO much about myself, and I know I've helped him figure out just who he is. Everything is starting to fall into place for us, and our plans are starting to take course.. Words can't describe how excited I am to see what our future holds :)
I also got a little too much sun up in Park City, and now look like I've got some skin disease..
Bryson talked me into "just giving him a trim" the other day, and he'd buy me whatever candy I wanted. Well, a trim on the good ol' mohawk, turned into chopping the entire back off, and giving him a totally different hairstyle. He loves it though, and so do I! So I guess it was a win-win :)
And my most recent summer adventure.. We took Tay and Slade to Classic Waterslides today, where Bryson hyper extended his knee, and then kneed himself in the nose and gave himself a horrible bloody nose. Talk about a champ ;)  

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