Saturday, May 25, 2013

On to the next chapter.. :)

Wow. It happened.. After countless days of dreading Flamm's class, amazing (sarcasm) school lunch, and wishing graduation would come sooner.. it finally came! I can't exactly say I'm sad, but I can't exactly say I'm happy either. I definitely have enjoyed being lazy, but I realize now that it's time to grow up, find a grown up job, and start grown up school. :) Enjoy some pictures!
Senior sluff day, a few days before graduation!
My sweet boy♥
Decorate cap :)
High school sweethearts? Somewhat. So lucky to have him :)
Throwing our caps!
I felt kinda bad, I took off with the fam right after graduation, to avoid ALL of the people/traffic. So no pictures with my pals! But that's okay, because I know I haven't seen the last of them. :)
Grad Party :)
Watching the sunrise with the crew!

And that's about it.. Here's to this summer, and the memories I'll make :)

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