Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Onward, onward..

I honestly can't believe how fast time has been flying. Like seriously, why am I about to graduate? I barely have time to breathe anymore! But anyway, here's some pictures.. not much has happened since my last update!
We had our first meet. My cute little sister/best friend rocked it. Me? Not so much. Haha. Here's to hoping our next meet will be a better one.
We've officially gone on our first hike this year. :) I'm loving how warm it's getting outside. It's definitely going to be a good summer!
Me and dork boy are doing great. :) We spent St. Patrick's Day with his momma up in Brigham City!
We've also gone on plenty of adventures during all hours of the day.. Like walking the parkway along the river!
My cute wittle besties have been spending lots of time with me lately, especially watching Bryson play baseball. (He's Ben Lomond's lead off hitter.. Yep, I'm proud). ;) Haha
I got offered a soccer scholarship, along with an extra $4,000 scholarship to the University of Texas.. I'm not going to take it though. Stupid? Probably. Gonna regret it? Probably.. My body honestly just can't handle sports anymore. Playing year round, sometimes 2 sports at a time, has definitely taken its toll. I am so burnt out, chucked full of arthritis, pins, surgery holes and scar tissue, it's ridiculous.. Being broken isn't fun and I've decided my body needs rest.
We spent a lot of spring break outside, hiking :)
We also went to the zoo for preschool day :) I even got to take my best little buddy, Madi! She's definitely a cutie.
Our next meet was City-County.. We both did WAY better than our first meet! I jumped 16'7" and qualified  for state :) We also ran the 4x100 and were 5/10's of a second off from qualifying for state! We'll get though.
Me and this dork are back to the busy spring lifestyle, and managed to fit in prom shopping after an early Saturday game :)
And last but not least.. me and my cute baseball boy finally got a picture of us together in our uniforms. :)
Scots for life baby!

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