Monday, April 22, 2013


Boy oh boy I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when Bryson asked me if I'd go to prom with him. Being my first prom (I'm a lame, I know), I could tell that he was scheming to make it as perfect as possible. Let me start by explaining our day activity..

I'd gotten Bryson his puppy, Skye, for Christmas this year after his mom moved away with his real life dog. The thing is, though.. Skye turned into my snuggle buddy and I had her about 80% of the time. We've had an  ongoing joke since before we started dating that we have twin kids, named Jack James and Aspyn Skye. Wellll... Bryson already had Skye, so we went down to Build-A-Bear on the day of prom and made Jack for our day activity! :) He's my little cuddle buddy and I already love him SO much. I'm a sap for a good snuggle bud. :)
After heading down to Salt Lake, B brought me home and we got ready for dinner at Olive Garden! Enjoy some pictures..
Finally ready!
And I am SO glad that I got to spend my last and only prom with my best friend.. ♥
After dinner, we headed up to Brigham to see Bryson's momma and to have Tess (my cousin) take our pictures! She also did our Sweetheart's pictures, if you remember one of my earlier blog posts with them.. Enjoy these babies..
Seriously our relationship.. :)

For any of you guys that know me, you know I'm a HUGE picture freak. I'm so thankful to have a boy that puts up with my obsession. :)
But, prom was AMAZING. I got really car sick on the way up (it was held at Snow Basin ski resort), and didn't feel good all night. But I tried being a good sport about it and made sure to not ruin the night. I will never forget my senior prom. :)

And pardon my sappiness, but I am SO thankful to have Bryson. He honestly is everything I've ever wanted in someone. He treats me like a princess and we get along so well, and love so many of the same things. He really is my best friend and I can honestly say that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I can't wait to see what our future brings. :) ♥


  1. I'm pretty sure you two are the cutest couple I have ever seen. I just love to see your cute pictures! You both look so happy and in love! I'm happy for you, Kenz! Miss you!

  2. Awe thank you Court! I love you!! ♥