Monday, October 29, 2012

The Big 18! :)

This girl is now... EIGHTEEN! :) When I turned 16, I really didn't feel any difference.. But boy, do I feel different! Mom and dad are giving me more freedoms, I can apply to so many new jobs now, and I can officially be tried as an adult ;) HAHA. I'm funny. My birthday morning, I spent taking the ACT test up at Weber State. :( But wanna see what I did after that!? Here you go..
All ready to go!
Going to pick Syd up..
Best friends allll togetherrr :)
Dinner at Iggy's..
At the field..
 Birthday girl :)
Love them :) ♥
After the game, Madi took me to Mcdonald's.. Why? Because I LOVE Mcdonald's :)
Us + Monsters = Hot mess.
Our Kyle Beckermen bobble heads!! :)

Overall it was an amazing 18th birthday! I couldn't ask for better friends or family :) ♥

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