Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween, Dances, the Banquet, and My Boy!

This Halloween was SUPPOSED to be one that I'd never forget! Me, Syd, and Madi had planned our outfits (nerds), and were planning on staying out until all hours of the night, getting as much candy as possible! Wellll... Madi got grounded a few days before, because of grades. Syd got grounded the day of Halloween because she got caught sluffing.. Leaving me helpless and alone :( Haha. But nevertheless! My mom came to the rescue.. Kinda. I got to take my siblings trick or treating instead ;)
Hayden was the queen of hearts, Slade was a cowboy, and me and Tay were nerds :)
I just gotta say how much I love and am thankful to be as close to Tay as I am! We may be almost 5 years apart in age, but she's seriously one of my best friends! She keeps all of my secrets and covers for me A LOT, goes everywhere with me when I don't wanna go alone, lets me wear her clothes, and most importantly is always there for me. I'm so lucky to have her as a sister. :)

After Halloween was done, me and Madi realized that MORP was right around the corner! So we accepted the challenge of asking our boys to the LUAU themed dance.. 
Soooo many balloons..
Bryson's room looking all pretty ;)

Seeing as how the dance is today, I'll post pictures of us in our outfits later!

Another awesome thing that's happened to me lately?
Me and Syd both got voted MVPs for the soccer team this year. :) I couldn't think of anyone better to share it with, seeing as how we've gone through this whole high school journey together! It makes me so sad to think that it's almost over, but excited too, for what our future holds. I love you Syd, and won't ever forget our memories!
I also got voted 2nd team all-state in the Deseret Newspaper! I was SO excited and SO happy, because I honestly worked my butt off this season. 
Basketball's already started, and I'm REALLY excited to see how this season goes...

Now last, but certainly not least... 
This is my cute boy. :) We've been dating for about a month and I really like him.. a lot! Haha. We've gone to school together since we were sophomores, but never really talked until this summer. He's super sweet and I'm super lucky to have him. ♥
Thinkin he's a thug ;)
He left me this note on my windshield the other day after practice.. Like I said, I'm a lucky girl!

But that concludes about everything.. Until next time, folks!

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