Sunday, September 9, 2012

Who's a senior? I'M A SENIOR!! :)

I have officially started my senior year of high school! We're 2 weeks in, and I am already LOVING it SO much! :)
Here's some pictures that we got right before school started...
Bus ride to Morgan :)
Night hiking with the team ;)
Crazy car rides!
And WALMART :) I seriously love them!
We stay getting in trouble together ;)
This is Madi♥ I'll tell you more about her in a minute!
(Bus ride home from Bear River).

Aaaaand now.. School has started! Enjoy more pictures. :)
Game day!! :)
Back to school pool party!! :)
Bryson's Scottish Warrior he drew in Chemistry for me :)
All dressed up with my girls for our first home game! 
 My lawyer outfit ;)
Burning of the O before we played Ogden for football!
Kitty Cat vs. the Scottie Dog ;)
Iron Horse Pep Rally!
Swagged out for the Iron Horse!! ;)
Even though we lost.. 54-0... Haha.
Anddddd finallyyyyy!!!
Madison Kennedy :)
One of my newest best friends! Love her to death ♥

More news, you ask?
3 days before school started, I got the dye job from hell.. Thankfully Taryn got me in the night before school started, and KINDA fixed it! I still have to go back in and have her fix it more.

I've started scrap booking my last season in high school for soccer.. A bittersweet moment to realize that this will be my last year as a Scot.

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