Sunday, September 16, 2012

The big guy upstairs has continued to bless me! I found out this past Monday that I had been nominated for Homecoming Royalty. :)
I didn't win, but honestly, I was just happy to be able to be apart of the whole experience. :)
 Madi slept over the night before the dance, and we got ready for our day activity together!
We went to Get Air with a bunch of people.. SO fun :)

Theeeeen we came home to get ready for the big night...
Before :)
This cute boy? His name is Skyler :) ♥
The best date ever!
Our mini group :)
Our big group at Golden Corral!
Quick bathroom photo sesh ;)

Overall, this year has been SO amazing! I feel like the last few years of high school, I didn't really do as many things as I could've. So this is my last year to live it up and make the most of it! And that's definitely what I've been doing. :)

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