Monday, October 29, 2012

Reality Check..

I feel like, for so long, I was floating on cloud 9. It's crazy how one game can bring you back to the real world.We played Morgan at home on a Tuesday, and I got my knee messed UP. I missed the rest of that week and the next week, hoping it would heal on it's own. My team would go on to lose to Bear River that Thursday.. probably the hardest thing I've ever had to watch. :( Better believe there were some tears from this girl after that.
Our school trainer, Jeff, finally figured out that I tore a piece of my meniscus, but it was still attached, if that makes sense? The only time it hurts is when I try to kick the ball; the torn off piece gets pinched under my knee cap. After missing two weeks, I came back thinking I was all better. Yeah.. I'm not. But there isn't really anything they can do for me right now. Bright side though? I can keep playing and it shouldn't get any worse. I just gotta live with it.
In other news, though, our season is done. :( I feel so heartbroken every time I think about it.. We lost, once again, in the first round of playoffs, to Juan Diego. It hasn't even been a week, and I already miss my team SO much! But, basketball starts today, so at least I won't have time to sit around and dwell.
But anyway, enjoy some pictures!
Grantsville, right after I hurt my knee.
Starters didn't play.. We just screwed around :)
Bus rides ;)
Tooele :)
My first game back! 3 goals!

Senior night! Against Stansbury.. 4 goals :)
Rebels at Juan Diego ;)
My Sisters♥

I'll always remember my Ben Lomond girls! They really are my sisters. I love you guys♥

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