Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My life? It's only been turned upside down!

Okay, I seriously can't wrap my brain over what's happened to me in the last week! In both of our games last week, I had 3 goals a piece! On Sunday, the Standard Examiner called me, and I was officially made the "Standard Star of the Week." I've had about 7 colleges contact me, one asking for me to come for an over nighter with the team next month! My mind has seriously been blown. I feel like a soccer monster has taken over my body and is allowing me to do things that I've never been able to do before! But don't get me wrong, I'm still Kenz. Not cocky, not even over confident. Always humble, and thankful for the blessings that I've been given. :)
So yeah, in a week I've gone from "The girl who is gonna go to hair school, anti college, stay home and try to make something of myself," to "The girl who is gonna try and actually chase her dreams, go to an out of state college on a scholarship and make something of myself." So here's to chasing your dreams! Enjoy some pictures :)

On a more serious note, though, I was MAJOR stressed with all of this college stuff. I felt so lost and didn't know what to do.. So I turned to someone I know that will always be there for me; even though I don't deserve them.
 I seriously saved this to my phone, and look at it whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed. 

Okay, now onto our typical screwing around! ;)
Me and my team one day at practice, with our favorite coach, NICHOLE!!!! :)
We were champs. Thassssss rightttt suckasss.
The car wash :)
Burning of the O ;)
Aaaand finallyyy...
  We played Ogden today.. lost 2-3. :( I truly believe we are a better team though. Just gotta fix a couple glitches! We'll get them next time. :)
The Sisterhood♥

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