Friday, August 17, 2012

August.. Wait, WHAT?

Summer has come.. and is almost officially gone. :( I can't help but feel a little sorry for myself as I prepare to say goodbye to sleeping in, all nighters, sleepovers, doing what I want during the day, swimming, and most importantly, just being with my friends and family at all times!
I apologize, for not having updated on here for over a month! Bear with me..
We spent the 4th of July up in the valley with some family :)
We were literally right under the fireworks! No zoom needed on this one.
After I got my first paycheck, me and Sladey boy headed down to Salt Lake via front runner to do some school shopping! It was his first time on a train.
 We decided to hit the Weber State fireworks as a team..
This is the start of our various mischievous adventures together ;)
Me and Tay got matching "Big Sis, 'Lil Sis" rings :)
We've also started growing facial hair ;)
We also hit the Tremonton fireworks with the Wikstrom's like we do every year!
Me and Tay made siiiiiick shoes :) Reppin!

Now.. on to soccer... ;)
Me and Syd and Baby B have been hanging out a lot! Yesterday, we literally spent the whole day watching High School Musical on Syd's bed. I seriously love them, and we are seriously weirdos :)
I bought matching Giraffe sleeves and prewrap :) I've also bought a giraffe wallet! I'm obsessed.
I played in the Weber State tournament with BL, and ended up getting this AWESOME turf burn..
Literally the most pain I've ever been in :( It's an awesome scar now, though!
 We've had a team dinner...
And a team sleepover!
We got into quite a bit of mischief this night..
Good memories, though. ;)
I'm proudly sporting my lucky #10 as I always have :)
And of course, we always screw around during JV :)

I feel like each year that I've played soccer, the team has gotten closer and closer! This year we've already had team sleepovers, and we're all always hanging out! I seriously love them, and will be so sad when my last season with them is over. :(
"Team mates for a season, sister's for life." ♥

And for one last update!...
I'm really proud of myself... I've bought most of my back to school clothes this year! Needed to brag a bit ;)

I hope anyone who reads this, has a great rest of their summer! Until next time, folks :)

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