Monday, July 2, 2012

On To July!

I can't believe the month of June is already over! It honestly flew by! Just another month closer to my senior year, I suppose! Here's some more of what my summer's been filled with...
My baby girl turned 17!
And we spent her birthday at the pool :)
 Syd paid me a visit on my first real day at work, and got this AWESOME picture ;)
Syd's dad surprised her with tickets to the US women's national game at Rio Tinto for her birthday.. and I was the lucky friend that got to tag along! :) :) Here's the beginning of the shirts we made..
Me and Syd attempted a hike behind my house.. But ended up chickening out! Mountain lions, bears, coyotes, oh my! ;)
We took front runner down to Rio Tinto :)
(notice our sick shirts?)
I seriously LOVE this picture! Totally Kenz and Syd ;)
We sat the 2nd row up! AMAZING seats!
Girls for life ♥
Me and Tay took the hike me and Syd chickened out on.. Kicked our butts!
Our hike ended here.. we're gonna figure out how to get up there, someday! Haha.
And of course, I can't do anything without drawing blood from myself! 
We've also started soccer conditioning.. and so me and Syd have started the tradition of the "Breakfast of Champions" ;)
Me and Tay have our matching braids :)
I've finally decided what my first paycheck will be spent on! :) These baby's!!

I probably won't post again before, so... Happy 4th of July, also! :)

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