Sunday, June 24, 2012

More fun in the sun!

Okay! Here's some more pictures/adventures/updates..
I tried headstanding one night..
And mastered it the next day! :)
We met a baby colt with blue eyes!
Me, Syd, and Anthony went to Rolling Hills park to watch the sunset..
This is "the roof".. SO many good memories here ♥
Me and Syd went "job hunting!" Haha!
No but really, I got a JOB!!! :) At Wangsgards! I start this Tuesday, as a bagger :)
We've gone up to the dam a couple times with the family! 
Me and Tay had a traumatizing experience with a spider..
Here's the sweet video she recorded of me while I tried to kill it..
She loves me SO much!
That next day, me and Tay went on a hike :)
She's seriously becoming one of my best friends! Way more mature than I was at her age, that's for sure!
Aaaaand today, we made so many Muddy Buddies, that we had to put them in a garbage bag to mix!
What can I say, us Abbott girls love our food ;)
I've still been doing hair too :) Hoping to get into the ATC for my senior year!

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