Thursday, June 14, 2012

How can a summer be so lazy but so busy?

I'm gonna be honest, I've LOVED every second of this summer! I've loved being able to sleep in as late as I want, doing what I want with friends, NO homework, soccer whenever I feel, dating, family time, eating LOTS of food, running, hiking.. It's seriously already been the best summer I've ever had. :) I have SO many pictures, here we goooo...
2nd day of summer, we had a basketball tournament!
Got SO many blisters from my new shoes, but I LOVE them. ♥
First sleepover of summer!
Tater-tot on Memorial Day :)
She's basically taller than me now.
We put new sand in the long jump pit so I can keep practicing! :)
 Syd's dad and brother got in a fight.. John went in for surgery on his jaw.
I stayed with Syd until he came out!
And of course we got into a little trouble while waiting... ;)
The next day, we went to Subzero for the first time with Trevor! :)
Blonde Amigos!
I also guest played with the U17 Outlaws team up at the Park City Avalanche Invite!
We took 3rd :)

I had an ankle scare in one of our games! Thought I might have popped it back out.. But after being checked over by a trainer and deciding it had only partially popped back out.. I was good to go and finished out the tournament! It feels A LOT better after resting for a week. :)
Both of us rockin the black and grey ;)
We've also somewhat started the Ben Lomond 2012 soccer season, with a practice in the pouring rain!
Summer has also given me some AWESOME scars and bruises!
Such as this one, in the shape of sunglasses :)
Our summer is never complete without a mountain fire!
We've welcomed a new member to the family :)
I spent a whole week alone while she was in DC! SO glad she's home. :)
I've spent A LOT of time in the mountains, too! Ran FIVE miles this day, and sat and pondered life for quite some time. Does the soul some good :)
We've gone on some CRAZYYY unspeakable adventures with the crew!
Tay wore my "Thug Nasty's" for her track meet.. her and my other two siblings cleaned house and are going to regional's next week :)
And last but not least, I've gotten A LOT more closer to my sisters :)
Cute, aren't they?
 OH, and my hair's also been growing pretty decently! Decided to grow it back out.. I always want what I can't have. ;)

I'll try and stay up to date on here from now on! Hope everyone else is also having an amazing summer :)

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