Thursday, May 24, 2012

2nd in STATE champion, randomness, last day as a JUNIOR, and 1st adventure of SUMMER2012♥

Okay! So as you read in the title of this post... I somehow managed to hold onto SECOND place in state for long jump! I'm not even upset about taking 2nd.. I was more upset that I didn't PR. :( I've been working SO hard, and state is the place to peak and jump further than ever before! I jumped a 17'2" in preliminaries and that in itself put me in 2nd! I'm now thinking I want to go to college for it, if I can find someone that'll take me! I'm so upset that my season came to a close so fast. :(
Flexing for my fans ;) HAHA!
Honestly, he believed in me, more than I believed in myself! I would easily dedicate my second place to the best coach ever. :) Marc Blanchard!

I made it to finals in the 100M, too! I didn't PR in that, either. :( And ended up taking 9th overall! I stumbled out of my blocks in finals.. Almost had an emotional breakdown after the race. ;) Haha.

So track was over, and school was winding down.. what else am I supposed to do with my life!? I know.. Watch my seniors graduate!
Or at least pretend to be watching. ;)
My hubby, Trevor Ross! We're currently Facebook engaged. ;)
"Hitler's Perfect Couple!"
He goes away to college next month.
I'll never forget the memories I have with him!

After graduation? The end of school for ME! I'm officially a senior. :)
 Me, Aley, and Drina in our FAVORITE class!
Jewelry (;
My two best friends in the entire world♥
Jessi Poo! (;
Chas, Kenz, Aley, Jess!
Love them all. :)

After school's out? My FIRST adventure of summer! PINEVIEW DAM visit with friends from school! :)
Syd Baby♥

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