Sunday, April 29, 2012

Track update, rediscovering the "fun" Kenz, and a blast from the past!

So the last time I updated about track, I'd gotten my first medal of the season and qualified for state in the long jump! Since then, you ask? Ohh.. I've only added FOUR more medals, and qualified for state in the 100! :) Two weekends ago, I skipped out on prom to go to my meet up in Morgan. I ended up taking 6th in high jump, 5th in the 100, and 3rd in long jump! Thennn... This last Wednesday, I  found out that I got asked to jump in the premiere bracket at the Davis Super Meet! So I went yesterday, and placed 5th! With a really crappy jump.. Not my day. :( Haha. But the BYU invitational is this next weekend, and I can't wait to see how it goes!!
  My coach also bought us these awesome shirts at our meet yesterday :) Makes me feel legit! Haha.

In my last post, I also blogged about how I was newly single.. It's been almost THREE weeks now, and I'm still loving every second of it! Don't get me wrong, I loved Wes to death, and spending time with him was fun! But acting like you're married at 17 can only get a girl so far.. So since then, I've been out with friends, and dates, and just focusing on ME! I've found my old self, the one that disappeared about two years ago. And believe me, everyone has let me know how much they missed me! Haha. 
Aleyson Hoggan. Best Friend. Sister. The one who pushed me this far.
Me and Syd after a day in the rain at the zoo, with the preschoolers! :)

Since I have found my old self, I've discovered that I would MUCH rather just live in the now! I love doing things spur of the moment, and would almost call myself a free spirit? ;) I just can't wait to graduate and get out on my own, and do my own things! One thing I have decided that I'm going to do ASAP, you ask? Get a tattoo! Preferably this one..
But in white ink, and on top of my shoulder. :) 
On my bucket list!...

And my blast from the past, you ask?
 9th grade!
Anyone remember this kid? I sure have.. I can honestly say, he was the first boy I went completely head over heels for! CADEN PEREA :) Haha! I stopped talking to him when me and Wes started dating.. Wes didn't like him, or trust me and him. But since we've broken up.. Me and Caden have started talking again. And let me just say this.. I've never been this happy♥
Two years later, and he's got this girl trippin' alllll over again. :)

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