Saturday, April 14, 2012

Single girllll swag.. or something like that? :) and some booty kicking!

Yes, you read the title to this post right....
This girl is now single. :)

Other updates, you ask? Well, I've only been kicking some hard core girl booty in long jump lately! :) Last week in Bear River, I jumped a personal record of 17'4! And TODAY, at our Logan Invitational, I jumped 17'2, which qualifies me for state AND took 2nd for the meet! Here's my awesome medal...
I've also found A LOT more time for friends, which I've been insanely loving. :) Here's a picture that I took today on the way home..
I fell asleep, then Syd decided to tie my shoes together. :( Haha! She's such a punk, but I love her!

Here's some more updated pictures of hair I've been doing on my sisters... YES, I still want to go to hair school. :)

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