Friday, March 2, 2012

O' the craziness of me!

Well, my lovely winter off has officially come to a close! Track started last week, and I can tell you... I'm going to miss having so much time off. :( Haha. I think I'm slowly coming to the realization that I'm starting to get burnt out of all of these sports. But enough whining! I have good news!
Yes, I cut it off. I know, crazy right? :) I sure do love it though.

Here's a couple more random pictures I've taken lately...
Me and Wes, 2012.
Me and my Aley girl in our favorite class, JEWELRY ;)
My cute boy and me on Valentine's day!
He had his cute aunt make me this bouquet of my favorite candy to celebrate this certain "Day of Love."  :)
He also took me out to dinner, and to see the new movie, "The Vow."
Both were VERYYY good! I have an amazing boyfriend, and honestly I wouldn't trade him for anything. :) ♥

So, as this post indicates, we just hit March! You'd think it would be starting to warm up about now, right? Haha. WRONG. Enjoy some pictures of us sledding on the snow we've gotten the last couple days. :)
Our TWO YEAR anniversary is coming up in April!
Crazyy how time flies. :)

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