Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring means PROM! And a very busy Kenz.

I realize that my blog updates are beginning to become few and far between... bear with me. Haha.
This month especially, has kicked off my busy season for sure! Between soccer, track, Wes, family, sleeping, and homework... This girl is literally stretched every which way! And I'm supposed to be fitting in basketball in the near future. :( Haha.
My first update is to proudly announce that I will be accompanying a cute boy by the name of Weston Leatherow to Ben Lomond's prom this year. (I wouldn't have it any other way.) ;) Here's how he asked me..
He bought a few cute pairs of flip flops and had them leading up to this poster for me.
I've been REALLY sick, and am wayyy to embarrassed to post the picture of my reaction when I saw! Haha.
Since I've been sick though, I took this week off, and had time to answer him back, before my busy schedule sets back in...
I'm soo excited  to be going! :) My dress came in the mail last week, and it's GORGEOUS. Prom is April 21st, I'll update with pictures sometimes after.
Another big event that's happened lately, is Wes getting his eagle! I'm so proud of him, and couldn't be prouder to be his girlfriend! Most boy scouts that I know/have known, usually have to have mommy and daddy hold their hand and do everything for them. Not my boy! Nope. He hid it from his parents so that he could surprise them, organized everything on his own, and got his eagle the way their meant to be gotten. :)
I've also gotten a couple random pictures, like usual... Enjoy... :)
Me passed out on Wes, Slade passed out on me! Haha. After a busy busy day. :)
This is an older picture, but I don't think I've updated any with our baby!! Charlie. :)
And a newer picture of my hair. :)

I promise I will update again! Someday... Haha.

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