Sunday, February 5, 2012


Okay, so.. I've set out on a quest  to become a professional hair do-er.. or something like that. :) I've been finding sooo many cute hairstyles on the internet (mainly Pinterest), and my poor sisters have been my test dummies. I really do want to start going to the ATC for cosmetology next year, so fingers crossed that I get in! Enjoy some pictures from my experiments...
Same side dutch braid!
Dutch braid into messy buns :)
Reverse french braid into messy bun.
Twisty buns!
Chunky fishtail braid :)
Waterfall braid with a bow..
Tay actually did this waterfall braid on MY hair, for ME :) She's better than me at it! Haha.
Sock bun with a bow :)
Tay chose this.. Milkmaid braid :)
"Hair Bow" Haha.
Here, I was going for a somewhat vintage hairdo, to match my fringe dress for the Sweetheart's dance..
That me and Wes are no longer going to, due to previously scheduled events. :/ Haha.
And I cut this lady's hair.
Just kidding.. I'll be getting my hair cut like this shortly :)

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