Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ohhh, the busyness of me..

So, for any of you living in Ogden, you know that we've just been pounded with snow. Right? Haha. WRONG. I can't remember a year where we've had this much snow! It kind of makes me sad.. and I hate snow! But, we finally did get the storm that we'd been waiting for. And what's the first thing we did when it arrived? What any other normal people would've done; crank up the Leatherow's ATVs, hook some sleds up, and go for a spin in the church parking lot! ;) Enjoy some pictures...
Slade, Hayden, and Tay!
Pulling Hayden and Slade :)
Tay and Garett! (Weston's brother)
Me and Wes, being designated drivers ;)

What else have I been up too, you ask? Absolutely NOTHING! Except working out every now and then, and hanging out with Wes. :) I HAVE made some things in jewelry, though...
My feather earrings took first in the art show :)
And this is the only picture I have of the sparrow necklace I made! :)
My next project, you ask?
A ring made of an antique spoon that my mom gave me from a silverware collection that's been passed down through her family.. (It was a mismatch from the rest, or it would've stayed!) Haha.
I'm not sure if I mentioned or not that I landed myself a seasonal job at the mall, and I'm too lazy to go back and check.. SOOO.. I got a job! :) Haha. What have I bought with my money, you ask?
My new babies to run in! 
Aaaand supplies to make the picture frame on the left, for Wes' birthday. :) I modeled it after the one on the right..
Hopefully he likes it!
I've spent the rest of my money on meaningless things, like food, and some clothes! ;) A LOT has gone towards my boy though, who I just love sooo much. ;)
I figured I'd end my blog post today, with my new favorite quote I found on PINTEREST, the best website, EVER! Enjoy.. :)

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