Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sophomore Year Winding Down. :)

I honestly feel like the last couple of weeks have been moving in slow motion! I'm SO ready for school to be out already. Track is almost over too, and I couldn't be more happy. ;) Here's a few pictures my mom got at our last meet...
My fans watching high jump... :) Haha. Just kidding.
4x1 Relay Team. :)
Long Jump... :)
I've had four meets to qualify for state this year in any event, and I still haven't qualified in anything. :( I'm slowly improving in the 100 though, but have been spiraling downward in my jumping events. Region this week is my last chance to qualify for anything... I'll keep ya posted on how I do. :)
ANYWAYS! So me and Wes have applied for a 6 week program up at Weber State this summer. It's basically like getting paid to go to school, and a lot of it is focused on the medical field, since that's what we want to go in too. We had interviews last week... I'll update you on that too, when I hear back.
And last but not least... A few pictures of me and my boy doing what we do best... Being goofs. ;)
:) ♥

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