Sunday, April 24, 2011

Track, Our One Year, And Easter! (:

It's been a busy month, that's for sure! But thankfully, we have about a month left of school. :)
Track's been.. interesting to say the least. I've really struggled in my running events, but have suddenly found a new love for the long jump- and high jump! :) Who would've thought? Haha. I've actually done alright jumping this year. Here's a few pictures from the season so far...
Graceful landing in Bear River. ;)
Anyways! Mine and Wes' one year anniversary was YESTERDAY! :) :) It honestly doesn't feel like it's been a whole year, it doesn't even feel like it's been six months.. But it's been the best year of my life for sure! He came up to Logan to watch my soccer game with the BL spring team, then we went and ate at Costa Vida and saw Hanna at the Megaplex. Then we came home and watched Tangled, one of the many things he got for me! :)
He got me this Duke shirt too, and 3 different kinds of Bath and Body works lotion! :)

And today is... EASTER!
Haha, happy Abbott kid's this morning..
Here's the coolest chocolate bunny I've ever seen!!! Soccer Bunny!!! ;)
Wes had to give a talk in sacrament this morning, so I got ready and went to watch. He did super good! :) I was way proud of him. 
After church. :)

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