Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to school, starting physical therapy, and the life of a Sophomore! :)

Well, starting school back up sure has been.. Difficult. I'm missing sleeping in. :( Haha bring on summer!
But anyways, I guess I'll go order of events with all this..
Christmas day.. Don't mind me looking like a freak! I'm not the best morning person.. :)
Anyways, for Christmas Tay got a new snowboard and gear, Hayden got a portable DVD player, Slade got a new bike and I got my beloved phone! :) 
Here's Addie a couple days after Christmas, my mom took the kids sledding and Addie looks like she's DYING to get out of the car..
And here she is dragging Tay down the hill. Gotta love the retarded dog!
Here's my cute little woman on New Years Eve.. ;)
We spent half of the night with my family, playing volleyball. (Well, in mine and Wes' case, we watched and babysat) Haha. Then the other half at his family party. :) After everyone had left his house and we were sitting in the front room watching tv, some random guy walked in, mumbling about how cold it was! Talk about scary! Haha. Ends up he was drunk, and the police picked him up a couple blocks away.  At least he wasn't drinking and driving, just walking. ;)
Here's an updated picture of me, I figured I haven't posted one for awhile. :)
And last!...
 My newest scar! :) Sorry everyone for the turned picture, it wouldn't rotate normal. :(
But yeah, that about concludes everything.. I hope everyone had a great holiday and is enjoying their time back to work and school just as much as I am. ;)

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