Friday, January 14, 2011


Term ended today.. I've been stressing so much over my grades! My mom's expectations; no more than two B's, the rest A's! As of the ending of today, I had a C in math! But I just checked my grades, and thanks to the fact that I aced my math test today, I have a B! I've got some sorta angel watching over me. :) But anyways...
Here's one of the many pictures I've drawn for Wes during English.. (We're reading Romeo and Juliet=BORING!!) Haha. He doesn't find my pictures too funny... :)
Here's the piggy bank I made in ceramics! (Pre-paint job) I'm so excited to see how it turns out! :)
And here's the dress I fell in love with and want to wear to Sweethearts next month! (With some sort of cover up for the top, don't worry.) ;) Things weren't looking too in my favor for this dance, just because of my grades I think, but now they're good! So we'll see... :)

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