Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Gimps, Family Pictures, And An Ankle Update. :)

Well, this Thanksgiving break sure has been a good one.. Well, for me. ;) Wes went in for surgery on the 23rd and the poor kid hasn't had the best experience with it. But I've been there with him every second possible! And today I even got him out of the house for the first time since he went in.. :)
We both really are on crutches.. Kinda sad huh? ;) Everyone we've talked to has thought one of us was faking to make the other feel better. Our reply, "Yeah I wish I was faking this!" Haha. 
Oh, the day after Thanksgiving, I got the kids all ready and talked my mom into taking us to this field off of Mountain Road that I thought would be good for pictures.. :) Here's a couple, let me know what you think!
 I tried out my editing skills on them.. Slowly improving each day, and I really like doing it. :) I'm thinking about looking into photography!
Here's an update with the ankle, stitches are mostly out. :) I have one more day, then hopefully at least a little walking!! :)
But yeah, this Thanksgiving has been a pretty good one, I'd call it a success.


  1. CUTE pictures they are great!! You did a wonderful job editing. You would be great at photography :)
    I also have to say that Wes is one lucky boy to have you by his side.

  2. Oh thanks! Haha I feel pretty lucky to have him by mine too.. Well, sometimes. ;) I hope everything's going good with the boys and Lisa :)