Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just An Update! :)

 Cutest Boy To Walk The Earth, My Best Friend! Ten Years Of Friendship, Almost 7 Of The Best Months Of My Life, And The Best Boyfriend EVER! :) ♥

Well, a week and a half later, the cast is GONE!! I'm back to wearing normal shoes, but still on crutches for another week and a half. Then walking in the boot. :)

Exploring the Doctor's office while waiting.. He's a bad kid. ;)

Shrunken Calf. :(
Stitches!! :)
Wes goes in for surgery on the 23rd... It's going to be a great thanksgiving. ;)
I decided this time, I'm seriously pushing it to the max to get back into shape. Gotta look good in track this year if I still want a soccer scholarship. :) I can't wait to be able to run and play soccer again.. Sigh. Haha.
But yeah, I think that's everything for now.

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