Sunday, November 7, 2010

Round 2 Of Ankle Surgery.

Wow, this time around was one I'll definitely one I'll remember..
I was supposed to go in on Nov. 4th, but we found out the night before that the insurance company was going to charge around 1,500$ just for the facility where I was getting surgery. Last years surgery only cost around 200$. So my mom literally called 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there to cancel. My doctor was super cool and understanding though, and he rescheduled us for the next day at a surgical center that the insurance would cover. :)
So there we were, sitting in the waiting room that next day, a guy comes in drinking some kind of drink. As soon as they sent us back for me to get ready, the nurse tells us the guy had just been smoking in the lobby! And they had to pump his stomach because he was drinking stuff before surgery. Haha it was almost like pre-game entertainment. ;) After getting my IV in, we sat there for literally an hour and a half. THENNN.. They finally wheeled me into the operating room! And I was a goner. :)
The first thing I really remember when I woke up, was the nurse telling my mom how all the other nurses liked my toenails. :) 
  I still had them painted BL plaid from our Hurricane game. :)
I was also both WAY happy and relieved to see I didn't have a 50lb cast like I did the first time. 
I can actually wear jeans with this one!! :)
But yeah, overall, things went pretty good. The doctor said the second he cut me open, fluid started flowing out of my ankle because it was so swollen. He was a little surprised to find that I'd completely torn one tendon, and the other was the most inflamed he'd ever seen on someone. So the release date's been pushed back a little because we gotta take things slower this time. :( But I should still be good to go for spring soccer! And that's really all that matters. ;) Hahaha. I go back in, in about 2 weeks, hopefully I'll get the boot then. This time around it's actually A LOT more painful.. But hopefully it'll fade because I refuse to take the lourtab! Haha. Oh yeah! I dyed my hair about a week ago.. Here ya go. :)

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