Saturday, October 23, 2010

Done With Soccer, On With Surgery!

Well, soccer's over. After a season where I myself feel like I gave it everything I could, and more with the ankle! Haha. I gotta admit, I love my team. :) Sure, we don't quite mesh like Shooters does, but hey, that's High School for ya I guess.
Anyways, we took the 6 hour drive down to Hurricane and played, lost 3-0. Our stupid principal wouldn't let us stay over night. Here's some pictures from that day.. :) 
Ankle Tape Before The Game. It only popped out once too!

Oh boy, my mom was so proud of these. Haha.
Kels, Tia. :)

Katrina, Heather. :)
Oh gosh.. Trying to get our feet behind our heads. ;)

Unfortunately we had to stop taking pictures after Mr. Smith yelled at us. Overall, it was an okay season. Hopefully next year we'll make more of it. :)
Anyways, we had last Thursday and Friday off for UEA. I played in a 3v3 tournament with Kenzie and Keely Tuck, that went to a benefit for our old neighbor who got in a motorcycle accident. Our first game, I stepped funny in a hole and felt a couple more tendons go SNAP! Haha. So since they put us in a co-ed league, I called Weston and asked him to come sub for me. And what does he do?.. Pops his knee out again. :( This time most likely means surgery..
Oh yeah! Speaking of the boy.. :)
  Here's his reply to MORP. :) I gave him a tub of better, then later gave him some popcorn saying, "Now that I've buttered you up, will you go to MORP with me?"
Haha. Then we decided we aren't going because of his knee.. :) But I loved his reply!
Hmm. What else has been going on? NOTHING! Last night me, my mom, and Leanza went and watched Bonneville play for state. :) They won, 2-0! It was a WAYYY intense game! I miss Shooters. :( Haha. And now I'm motivated to get back into shape as fast as I can after I get released, so I can play with them again as soon as possible. :)

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