Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3rd, 2010.

Well... Great news... (Sarcastic voice. Haha)
Scar on the left ankle.. 
Got another coming on my right here pretty quick.
Yep, I "subluxed" the tendon in my right ankle on September 30th against Bear River. :( 
(It would be considered dislocated if I couldn't pop it back in, which I can.)
With five minutes left in the game.. But! We won! So maybe, in a way, maybe.. It was worth it. ;)
But anyways! After my last ankle surgery, I wished I would've kept a better.. Documentation I guess you could say. So now that I've got another chance, I'm going too. ;)
Night I Popped It Out, Swollen! Haha.
3 Days After, Tendon NOT popped out. :)
3 Days after, tendon popped OUT. Weird huh? ;)
But anyways, this year since we've got a HUGE chance at going to state, I'm gonna try and tough it out and keep playing. The day I did it and the day after, it hurt SUPER bad to pop it out and I couldn't walk normal. But yesterday and today it hardly hurts. :) Good sign! Haha. I'm hoping by tomorrow it won't hurt at all and I'll be able to practice.. Since we beat Bear River on Thursday, we play Hurricane first round of the playoff's. Tuesday we play Morgan and Thursday is Grantsville. :) I'm really hoping we've got 3 wins coming our way! 

(Click to make them bigger.)
After school on Friday me and Wes hung out for a couple hours before I had to go to soccer. :) I decided I was gonna fix his camera for him since he couldn't. ;) And then we ended up taking pictures. The first one I edited, and it's our Halloween picture! ;) Hahaha. He really is my Best Friend, we do just about everything together. I think he's more worried about my ankle than I am. :) I love the kid to death!

OH! And...
We got a new cat. ;) Well, saved her.. Her name's Blue. :)

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