Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27th, 2010.

I'll be 16 in exactly one month. ;)
In other news! Let's see.. We beat Morgan 3-2, Grantsville 12-0, and lost to Juan Diego again, but only by two! We've come the closest in our region to beating them! :)
I'm playing defense now, too. At first I was way upset that I wasn't forward anymore, but we went and talked to Rob about it and he gave me a pep talk and now I realize I just gotta do what's best for my team and do MY best to get us to state. :) We play Judge again tomorrow, and Bear River on Thursday. :) Hopefully we've got two more wins coming our way!
30 minute break in bear river due to a lightning storm...

Hahaha the diapers we cut out of our white shorts.. ;)
Bus ride to Grantsville.

According to someone VERY annoying. ;) So I wedged down in between the seats and fell asleep. ;)
Tres Amigos. ;)

We fit 3 people on one seat! On the way home from Grantsville. And we all passed out. :)
TOMS!! Mine and Michelle's. :)
Stunna shades! Me and Michelle. :)
Western day at school with Sage, Katrina, and Wes! :)
Pep rally for homecoming! :) I had to dress him up as homecoming queen. ;)
 Today we found out I might have a tear in my meniscus.. :( It can heal itself and he said I can keep playing if I'm willing to deal with the pain.. I'm hoping to just make it through this weeks games, then worry about it. :)

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