Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15th, 2010.

Wow. Lost to Juan Diego.. 8-0. Judge, 1-0. Bear River, 3-2. We're 0 and 3. :( But! Tomorrow we play Morgan and have a chance at redemption! Yesterday we played Bear River and I got switched back to defense to guard this girl, Kaitlyn Wilcox (AKA my arch nemesis from track!) Me and Syd shut her DOWN! She hardly touched the ball with both of us hackin' away at her. ;) Haha. But she freakin' kneed me in my quad (don't worry, I got even) but now I have this huge knot on my muscle and have to wear it wrapped in the game tomorrow. Ugh! Haha, she's got a torn ACL coming her way. ;) But yeah. Here's some soccer pictures.. :)
SICK! ;)

Happy faces after losing to Judge. ;)

My freshies and Syd! Burning of the O! :)

 (We lost by one touch down.)
Waiting to start the game again in Bear River after they called it for a lightning storm..

 But in other news.. :)
School's been going good! I have pretty good grades! Haha. I'm finally starting to find the perfect balance between soccer, friends, family, and Wes. :) Speaking of the boy!
 This was the day of the Iron Horse.. We totally didn't plan those plaid shirts! I'd honestly be so lost without this kid. :) I never thought we'd end up like we are now! Heck, I never thought I'd be in any relationships that meant anything to me this young. But this one means a whole lot! And I'm really hopin' we'll make it work. :)

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