Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st, 2010.

Wow... High school is... Different to say the least. :) My first day, I honestly thought I was going to hate it and I missed Highland right off that bat. But now that I'm settling into a schedule at BL, it's not so bad. :)
Tomorrow we have our first region game! We haven't had a game in TWO weeks.. I WAS super excited.. But now I'm nervous! We play on turf, which I never got to play on. And I hurt my ankle our first game last year.. So I'm hoping history doesn't repeat itself.. Haha. 
Car Wash!
First away game! Against Box Elder! :)

 First win! Against West Jordan!
My Freshy! :) ♥
Muddy Field. ;)

Hmm. What else has been going on? Nothing really. ;) We're going camping up to Yellowstone this weekend for Labor Day! I feel like I haven't done some hard core camping in FOREVER! It should be fun.. If I don't miss my punk too much. ;) 
Well, yeah. That about concludes this post. Until next time, friends! ;)

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