Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4th, 2010.

Wow, it's been awhile. :) Haha. Where do I begin?.. I guess with our trip! It went.. Alright. I really think having Wes back home and me all the way back East kinda put a damper on things. I wanted to be home like, two days after we left. But, it was really cool and I got to see a lot of awesome stuff, so I can't complain. I'm just glad to be home. :) If you want to see pics from our vacation, go to my mom's blog..
Yesterday we had Tay into a specialist at Primary Children's, and he'll be doing Surgery next Thursday.. She gets braces on Tuesday I believe.. It'll be a busy week for the poor kid. We're just happy that they caught the tumor thing early enough to take care of it while she's young, and the doctor promised a speedy recovery. :)
Today they posted cuts for BL soccer.. I made it! :) I was really worried, because I missed almost all of conditioning and we've got a really big talent pool this year, but I got lucky and our first game is this Monday against Ogden. I gotta admit though, I already miss playing with my Shooters girls. :(
School starts soon, I am NOT looking forward to that one bit. It's going to suck, not being able to sleep in! :( Haha. But hopefully I'll live. 
Oh yeah! I got my permit about two months ago. 90% baby! ;) Third time's the charm. Haha. I'll be doing drivers ed as soon as soccer's over so I can hopefully get my license as soon as possible. :) But yeah, I think that about sums everything up that's been going on. :)

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