Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th, 2010.

Happy 4th Of July, First Of All. :)
Let's see.. What's happened since the last time I blogged? We'll go order of events.. Tay's knee is okay!! :) She still has to get surgery, but it's non-cancerous and far enough from the growth plate that they can operate right now instead of when she's done growing. Umm. Oh, the other day I got home to find this..
Turns out, this is what she was looking at.. 
Umm, EWWW! Disgusting! It WAS in our window well.. We aren't sure where it disappeared too.. Haha. Oh, on the first we had ANOTHER fire behind our house at like, 11 at night! Talk about scary and super intense!! I must say, we did do pretty good getting the kids, dogs, and valuables all out in pretty good time WITHOUT my dad there to help. (He's been working the swing shift at work.) I tried getting a picture after everything was kind of settled, but the camera wouldn't work! So here's what I ended up with..
It's weird, the day before the fire happened, I was thinking about how dry everything was up there when I was running. It burned right below the canal, right where I walk up to get up there.. 
 Good thing I've got two-a-days for soccer coming up so I won't have to run up there to stay in shape. ;) We also have our Impact tournament for Shooters this Thursday! And then on Saturday we leave for the big road trip.. Sometimes I'm super excited for it, and others I don't want to go at all. :( Hopefully it'll be a fun experience!


  1. Kenzi ~ the vacation will be what you make of it. I have to say that when I was younger we road tripped to Illinois and it was one of my favorite trips. So many memories. Enjoy it, have fun and don't forget to get me a gift Ü JK ~ have fun.

  2. Shar, of course we'll be bringing back gifts for the Leatherow family! :)
    Hahaha and your oldest is making it extremely hard for me to be excited to leave.. I'm gonna miss the punk. :(
    But I'll try and be positive, hopefully it'll be fun! :)