Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st, 2O1O.

Wow, we're in June now.. That's so crazy! This year feels like it's been shortened to four months instead of twelve.. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not. My dad was telling me the other day that now that I'm in High School, these next couple years are just going to fly faster and faster, and before I know what's happening, I'm going to be at the end of my Senior year. I'm so scared!

Summer Games is in SEVEN days. I'm going insane! I have never ever missed soccer this much. :( On the plus side, we have a scrimmage on Saturday. Hopefully I can last that long. ;)

So basically.. I didn't get my math grade up. Haha. Mr. Borton didn't fix it for me. But I can't be mad at him, I have no one else to blame but myself. I should be thankful that he even considered doing it for me. :) So hopefully my parents won't ground me for TOO long.. 
Our road trip this summer is still a go. I'm kind of half and half on it. Sometimes I'm excited, sometimes I don't want to go at all. 
OH YEAH! I got a new phone! Well, grandma's old one. I gave her my upgrade. Against my own will. ;) Hahaha. I like this phone, but I miss the dinosaur too. That little guy was a trooper, we went through a lot together! R.I.P. ;) Haha!
But yeah. I'll update with pictures and stuff from summer games and whatever else adventures I might go on here in the next few days.
-Kenz. (:

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