Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th, 2O1O.

Wow, today's a day for a lot of lasts for me. :(
Last day of school, last day as a Freshmen, last day at Highland. It's kind of depressing. I have no idea where the time's flown.. It feels like just yesterday we started school! And now we're at the end. Geez! I'm basically a Sophomore! That's a scary thought. ;)
I keep hoping this summer's going to be awesome.. But I'm not so sure. If I can't get my math grade up, I won't be doing anything. 
So yesterday after school we all went and hung out at Gabby's. And everyone went home and my mom didn't come and get me for like, another hour! So me and Gab just sat out on her swing and talked. And talked. And talked. ;) Haha you get the point. We fixed like, everything! It feels good to be close friends again, I've missed it. :) Our whole "group" is starting to come back together! It's so cool. 
Summer Games is in a couple of weeks.. I'm getting SO impatient! I miss soccer! :( 
Hahaha But yeah, I guess that's all. I'll write back later to see how my summers turns out, depending on these grades. :)

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