Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th, 2O1O.

Wow. Summer Games was.. A let down to say the least. Out of five games, we went with four shutouts and max points in three of them. Then, in the Championship, with 8 minutes left, the ref gives the other team a BS call and they score off a free kick. We went into double over time's, then a shootout. And we lost. The ref was totally on their side the whole time, but I guess we can't place all the blame on him. Oh, and Wes dislocated his knee with two minutes left in their championship game, Gremio won though. Hopefully it's nothing serious with his knee though.. I feel so bad for him. :( But other than our last day there, the rest of it was super fun! I tried Sushi for basically the first time. It was nasty. :) I'll stick to hamburgers and fries! Haha. We haven't really done anything else since the last time I wrote on here.. Just taking it easy and enjoying the summer. :) My mom and Grandma decided to push back our road trip so I can play in the Rampage Tournament with my team! I'm sooo stoked! Oh yeah, Hayden qualified for state in the softball throw for Hershey's, so we're going to Kamas at the end of the month for that. This summer's been pretty good so far. :)

Summer Games, 2O1O.


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