Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th, 2O1O.

Wow, it seems like so much has happened in such a little time. During the last week I've had at least three days that have completely caught up to me and end up being the worst day I can imagine. 
On Friday though, we had the Freshmen-Sophomore meet. I ended up taking 2nd in the 100, 2nd in the long jump, and 3rd in our relay and the 200. I also figured I needed a picture of my other Best Friend 'cause we didn't have any together. (:

OHH! My mom also got a pretty cool action shot of me. I thought it was cool cause track hardly ever has any action.. Haha.

So, yeah. All in all, this week hasn't been the best so far, but I'm trying to turn it around. Tomorrow I have a game, and Wednesday a meet, hopefully I'll be able to work some frustrations out then. :)

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