Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, April 4th, 2O1O.

Good Morning! (:
Haha, It's actually 12, but I'd still be asleep if the "Easter Bunny" hadn't come SO early this morning! (Okay, they woke me up and 8, but that's still early for me!) Anyways, today's been good so far. The siblings are out flying their kites they got this morning. After eating breakfast, the girls wanted to take pictures for some reason? (:

 (Click To Make Them Bigger) [:

Hey, I can be a nice Big Sister when I want to be. :) But yeah, Spring Break has been pretty good so far. We haven't done much except go play volleyball and hang out with the family. Oh, and yesterday I went and played a little soccer with Weston, Sydney and Sage. But we got bored pretty quick and ended up hanging out at Weston's for awhile while our parents "Talked For Hours!" in Weston's words. (: 

Let's just say.. I'm NOT excited to go back to school! :(

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