Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9th, 2010.

I really, honestly, don't know how to say this. And when I do get it out, it's going to sound corny and cliche, so just bear with me, alright? (:

I just finished yet another book by Nicholas Sparks, "Dear John." Every single book of his has had a pretty big impact on me, and I always sit and think about each story, and what I'd do to the plot if I was able to change it. The thing is, I just wish I could start over with the same characters and ideas, and rewrite the whole story. I guess I just realized that I wish I could write full time for a living when I'm older. I don't just wish it, I would do anything for it. I would love to have to finish 6 or 10 pages each day about the book I'm working on before I could go to bed. I've started stories before, and after awhile I start thinking about them, and how I wish I could go back and change them. But then I discourage myself because of the amount of time I've already spent working on them. I would almost do anything to be able to write stories like the author's I read, and have the impact on other people like the authors have on me. I really think that someday soon I'm going to look into this, because it's hard picturing myself doing anything else.

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