Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25th, 2010.

Hi Hi. :)
Wow, I haven't blogged in quite some time now.. Where to begin? Nothing important has really happened. No more driving 'till I get my permit, lot's of reading, school, and sports.. You know, the usual. (:
So last night I did read the binder Grandma Abbott gave us on her life story. At the end she talks about how it was nearly impossible for her to like, go on after my Grandpa died, leaving her 7 kids to raise. She talked about that without her faith, she probably wouldn't have had the success she had with everything. She also shared some experiences she's had with the spirit to let her know that this church is true.
So.. I prayed. The first personal prayer I've said in over a year. I really felt like I needed some reassurance and some guidance with the things that life has brought upon me. I honestly think I prayed for about 30 Min. Now I understand how all those guys in the scriptures could pray for hours.. I had SO MANY QUESTIONS!
And the cool part was, as soon as I was bringing it to an end.. I got all these little goose bumps and a warm feeling, like someone was watching me. But it wasn't that creepy feeling you get. :)
But cheahhh. I thought this would've been a good experience to share, and I don't ever want to forget it. It helped me realize the things I need to do in order to stay on the right path in life, and that's exactly what I'm going to do! :]

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