Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12th, 2009.

Wow, where to begin? This week has definitely been a crazy one. But, it was a good kind of crazy. We finally got some snow. <3 I love it, even though now it makes the bone I had surgery on in my ankle ache. Only like, two more weeks of physical therapy 'till I can play soccer again! I miss it soo much. :( We're going to Mesquite in February for the president's cup! It's going to be like, my comeback. :) Hahaha. I've decided I miss basketball. I think I'm going to take up the offer, and come play for BL. But hopefully not varsity! It's too scary! [: I've also been going to every home game for the boys, and most for the girls. It's pretty intense. We only have like, 7 school days left until Christmas break. I'm soo excited! Christmas is my favorite holiday. The one sucky thing about the snow though, is that I can't drive anymore. :( And I was seriously starting to do a lot of it too! Haha. Hmm. What else has happened? I think I've grown! Lol. I'm almost 5'6. (: But, um, yeah. I think that's all. Bye. [:

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