Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sleepovers. (: (November 14th, 2009)

Well, here is the beginning of our second wonderful sleepover. [:

We stayed up 'till about three, and got up at eight. Haha. Last night was crazy. After going to Golden Corral with Weston, Sage, Josh, Kylie, and mine and Weston's families, and getting so stuffed of food we almost puked, Kylie came home with me. Then we went to Katie's house to see Isabella.. I think I spelt her name wrong, but she's so cute! And Kylie was in love with Gabbi Jo. (: She's a funny little girl.. Then we came home and everyone went to sleep, and me and Kylie took hilarious pictures, then did our hair and makeup scary and took some more. THEN, we came upstairs and edited them 'till about 2 a.m. Then we found the movie "Gracie" and took that down stairs to watch. So we were up until around 3. :] Then today Slade woke us up and we came upstairs and made crepes. Haha then we wanted to take more pictures and it was snowing, so we went outside, and here's ourselves cleaned up..

And then we edited these and Kylie's mom came to get her to take her shopping. I had a ton of fun, and I think we need to do it more often. :D

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